Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday Wishlist

Here at Ambassador we are getting excited for the holidays. We want you to get involved and email us what's on your wishlist. The ones we like we will put in the next issue! Email your wishlist to ambassador.blog@gmail.com

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Exciting things happening for Ambassador right now!

  • Tomorrow, Denise Illitch presents the Escada Fall 2009 fashion show and luncheon at Saks. It is for a good cause too.

  • The new fall fashion issue is now out and is fantastic. Definitely one you will want to pick up.

  • Red Seal Awards voting is now going on. Make sure you fill out the full form for a chance to win a Curtis Granderson autographed issue of AmbMag. You can email your form to info@ambassadormag.com.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Red Seal Awards voting has begun please email info@ambassadormag.com with your selections for the following categories:

Detroit Athlete of the Year
Best Restaurant (Overall)
Best Restaurant (Italian)
Best Restaurant (Steakhouse)
Best Restaurant (Seafood)
Best Sunday Brunch
Best Nightlife Venue
Best TV News Personality
Best Radio Personality
Best Club DJ
Best Local Band/Musician
Best Dressed Man
Best Dressed Woman
Best Men's Clothing Store
Best Women's Clothing Store
Best Jeweler
Best Salon
Best Spa
Best Fitness Studio
Best Cup of Coffee
Best Bar for Wine
Best Bar for a Beer
Best Burger
Best Shoe Store
Best Florist

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ambassador pets

Ambassador team member: Theresa Carter
Pet’s name and breed: Desi and Lucy, Havanese dogs

Desi and Lucy, both 11 years old, were born to be stars. Their mom and dad were chosen best in show for the Havanese breed. Unfortunately, it was discovered early on that the two would never grow long hair like the rest of the breed, thus preventing them from competing as their owners had planned. Since this discovery 10.5 years ago, they have been living out their years with Theresa. The Cuban circus dogs enjoy sleeping on the couch, sleeping in Theresa’s bed, sleeping in their own bed, following her around the house and running away from Sophia (Theresa’s 2-year-old niece). And of course, the quickest way to win Desi and Lucy over is to feed them scrambled eggs or cheese.

Ambassador pets

Ambassador team member: Lydia Jenaras
Pet’s name and breed: Oreo the English setter

Oreo comes from an extensive legacy of hunting dogs. His family taught him to do tricks like ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ ‘shake’ and ‘roll over.’ Oreo is very talented though, and he can even balance treats on his nose. Oreo’s favorite season is summer because he loves strolling back and fourth in the water on the shore of Lake Angelus (his hometown). He also loves to search for fish, and every couple minutes, his family will hear a big splash when he attempts to catch one before coming up with a confused face, and soaking wet body. And just as many other dogs, Oreo loves ice cubes as well.

Ambassador pets

Ambassador team member: Dan Edelstein
Pet names: Sasha and Madelyne

Sasha (the grey cat) and Madelyne (the black cat) are animal shelter rescue pets that Dan has since they were born. Both cats are seven years old, and they sleep on Dan’s bed every night. Each day when Dan goes to leave his house, the cats yell at him in tandem in hopes he’ll stick around for more time. For some reason, Sasha also bites Dan’s legs after showering each day, which happens like clockwork every morning.

Ambassador pets

Ambassador team member: Rebecca Stevens
Pet’s name and breed: Princeton the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Princeton is a very active dog who likes taking walks, rollerblading, and spending time at the farm hanging out with his uncles, Leo and Puck. Some of his favorite things are Paul Newman cheese flavored biscuits, his kitty, playing tug-of-war, chasing squirrels, and snuggling with his mom and dad. When Princeton first arrived at his new home, he flew in from South Dakota where he was born. His mom and dad drove to the airport to pick him up, and as soon as they took him out of his crate, he knew he had just met his new family and couldn’t be happier. When he’s being a “tough guy,” Princeton runs to the back of the yard and attacks a tree. He’ll stand on his hind legs and start mauling the tree, growling and biting it as well.

Ambassador pets

Ambassador team member: Adriana Lagrou
Pet’s name and breed: Benny the puggle

Benny is five years old, and also answers to the names ‘pork chop’ and ‘wiggle butt.’ Adriana buys him rawhide bones to keep him out of trouble, but he chews through them pretty quickly. Usually, rawhides can occupy a dog for hours, but Benny goes through one in 30 minutes. Benny loves swimming and gives the best hugs, and is great at giving high fives and shaking hands. However, Benny is very shy, and if another dog tries to come over and play with him, he hides behind Adriana.